Frequently Asked Questions

La Familia Pawn and Jewelry

How does a pawn work?

A “pawn” is a cash loan that is given in exchange for collateral, like jewelry or any other item of value, such as a TV set. It is a simple and fast way of getting money without having to sell your property, which you can recover once the loan is repaid.

Just bring any item that you own to your nearest La Familia store and one of our expert associates will evaluate the item to ensure that it is in good condition. He or she will work with you to get you the money you need, in just minutes. Your merchandise will remain stored and protected at La Familia (jewelry is stored in our secure safes) until the loan is repaid. A pawn loan has a 30-day term limit, but you can extend this as long as the monthly minimum payment is met. If you cannot make a payment, the merchandise becomes our property and will be sold in our stores. No collection agencies will be involved in recovering the money and your credit rating will remain intact. It’s that easy.

La Familia is in full compliance with Pawn Statute 539 and inspected by the relevant Florida authorities. Any La Familia associate will happily answer your questions.

How much money can I take out on a loan?

There is no limit! We can loan any amount, depending on the value of the item or items that are put up as collateral. So whether you need $10, or $100,000 or more, La Familia can help you configure a loan for your needs. Over time, we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers, including small business owners, solve their short-term needs for financing.

I have a low credit score. Can I take out a loan?

consequences will be that the pawned items will become the property of the pawn shop. You will not become the target of collection calls, and your credit will not be affected at all. In fact, you will be welcome to continue to do business with La Familia.

Can I have multiple loans with you?

Yes. Each loan is a separate transaction, involving different collateral, so you can take out more than one loan with us, depending on your own needs.

How many loans are repaid at La Familia Pawn and Jewelry?

A large number of people pay their loan on time and recover their pawned items. Over 80% of our loans are repaid. At La Familia, we will work with you to make every effort to ensure you can recover any items you pawned. Our associates will even call you to remind you to make any due payments.

How much money can I get for each item I pawn?

It all depends on the item, as we pawn jewelry and electronics, among other items. For example, in the case of electronic items such as TVs, we verify them to make sure that they work well and evaluate their overall condition. The loans we issue are based on the value of each item. Remember: Our main goal is to help our customers and we will do everything we can to work with you and help you get the money you need.

What happens if I don’t comply with the terms of the loan?

Loans have a 30-day term. In order to remain active, loans may be extended every 30 days. If payments are not received during the 30-day period, item(s) may then become property of La Familia and may be made available for sale.

I cannot repay my loan. Do I owe interest or additional charges?

Failure to repay a pawn loan does not have additional consequences outside of loss of the item that was pawned or given as collateral. Should you need money in the future, you can come to La Familia and count on us to once again help you out, no questions asked.

What is your returns or refunds policy?

If you do not have our extended warranty, exchanges or returns must be made within 24 hours from the date of purchase and with original receipt. If an item for exchange is not found, we will gladly refund your money honoring the same method of payment used to make the purchase. The following items are not eligible for exchanges or returns: tools, video games, Blu-Ray, DVD or CD discs, merchandise sold as wholesale, liquidated, as-is or damaged; these types of sales are final, are not under warranty and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Are the products you sell covered by warranty?

Of course they are! You can buy with confidence. If the item you buy exhibits any kind of imperfection within the first 24 hours from purchase, bring it back to the store and we will gladly exchange it for something similar. If we do not have something to your satisfaction, we will refund the purchase price amount. Also, we offer extended warranties of up to 6 months, starting at just $5.00. Ask a store associate for information on these. Certain restrictions apply, so please ask at your nearest store to get all the details.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for high-energy, hard-working, service-focused people to join our team! Please go to the Careers section of this website and submit your resumé for our consideration.

How can I find out about upcoming sales and promotions?

Please like our Facebook page to stay up to date on all our news and latest events and promotions. Our Google My Business page is another great resource to learn about upcoming promotions and events as well as see business hours and get directions to our store. Be sure to join our Loyalty Program to receive text messages or emails communicating special deals, sales, promotions and events. Be part of La Familia!

Do you offer services other than pawn and sales?

Yes, we do! We offer jewelry cleaning and repair. We even have low fee ATM machines available in many of our stores! You can check out our complete service menu by clicking on the Services tab. We also have a very popular Layaway Program and we announce a variety of promotions and special offers throughout the year, such as “Christmas in July” and “Deals of the Week”.

Is it true that most of the items in a pawn shop are stolen?

This is a common misunderstanding about the pawn industry and is completely false. The pawn industry is highly regulated, and nowadays less than 0.2% of all pawn shop transactions involve stolen merchandise. We are in full compliance with the requirements of, and enjoy great relationships with, the government entities that regulate us.

What happens if something that was stolen from me shows up in one of your stores?

We hate thieves as much as you do and will do everything possible to aid in their capture and prosecution! While this is a very rare occurrence, we are committed to our community and have a set of procedures designed to help victims of robbery easily recover their stolen items. If a stolen item makes its way to one of our stores and is identified as such by the authorities, we will return it at no cost to you, on the condition that you agree to press charges.

Can’t I simply sell you my items instead of pawning it?

Absolutely! Retail sales are a large part of our business. We are always interested in obtaining new merchandise in our stores.

What kind of items do you accept?

Even though a large part of our transactions involve jewelry and electronics, we buy and loan on just about anything! Visit any of our stores and you’ll see our wide variety of merchandise, from video games to musical instruments and even gardening equipment, as well as cars, motorcycles, jet skis and even boats.

Layaway Program

Layaway Program

Free Layaway! Other chains in Florida charge for their layaway programs. At La Familia Pawn & Jewelry it’s free. Lock in that item you want with only 10% down, and we’ll hold it for you, for free, with more flexibility.

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

We know that buying used merchandise can be stressful and we’ve gone ahead and taken all worries out of the process, with our comprehensive warranty program. From ensuring your fine jewelry is kept clean and shiny throughout its lifetime, to protecting electronics.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

At La Familia Pawn & Jewelry, we reward loyalty. Every time you make payments on your loans, or buy from us, you get points that you can redeem for more discounts and personalized invitations to special “Family & Friends” events.